It’s your turn now:
The cheek swab is the first step to a stem cell donor. Simply strip the inside of the cheek for 60 seconds and send the cotton swab back to the DKMS. That's it! #DKMS #stopbloodcancer #helfenmitstyle

ADC: Bronze
Golden Award Montreux: 2 x Gold
Annual Multimedia Award: Gold & Silber
Lovie Award: Bronze

Client: DKMS
Agency: Denkwerk, Agentur Mut
Starring: Jerome Boateng, Adima Zulch, Luisa Hartema
Studio Seidel: Concept, Creation, Film, Photography, Production


Client: DKMS

Agency: Denkwerk, Agentur Mut

Star: Jerome Boateng, Adima Zzulch, Luisa Hartema, Munich Models

Production: Studio Seidel

Director: Florian Seidel


Hair & Make Up: Alexander Hofmann

Styling: Bätty Ilknur Fieger Mete, Jacqueline Abrahams

Studio & Light: TMT-Muc

Props: Janott

Music: Roberto Di Gioia